Map viewer tips & tricks

Location information

Click on the map to select a point; the selection tab will then be activated.
To do a location-specific alternative calculation, click on the following buttons in the Map viewer:
Naar berekening + (on calculation tab) Pijl + Bereken

Note: the ThermoGIS output values ('Selected' column) may differ from the calculated values when a probability of P90 or P10 or the heat pump scenario is selected (see warnings here).


Zoom in/out

Zoom in and out. With <shift><left mouse button>, a zoom rectangle can be drawn on the map.

Volledig scherm

Full screen/embedded map viewer

Full screen within the browser; the top black bar disappears. To also remove the browser bars (URL field, favorites, etc.) most browsers support the F11-key (browser full screen).

Note: all data entered in the map viewer tabs will be lost when using this option.

Cross section tool

Cross section tool

Draw a vertical cross section. Clicking on the button will activate the cross section tool. A line can be drawn by clicking on the map, where double clicking completes the line. Holding the left mouse button while moving creates a continuous curved line. The data displayed is from the DGM-Deep v4.0 model.

Borehole tool

Borehole tool

See the geological column at a single location. Clicking on the button will activate the borehole tool. A location can be selected by clicking on any point on the map of the Netherlands. If no borehole information is found at the selected location, then the nearest data point within 100 meters will be given. If no borehole data is found within 100 meters, then a different point must be chosen. The data displayed is from the DGM-Deep v4.0 model.