Temperature model

A 3D temperature model of the Dutch subsurface was used for ThermoGIS v1 (Bonté et al., 2012). New geological and technical insights were used to generate an update of this model (Békési et al., in prep.). More temperature data from old oil and gas wells were mined from the www.NLOG.nl dataset, and temperature data from recent geothermal wells were used. These data were used to calibrate the model, for which an improved data assimilation method was applied. The higher-than-expected temperatures encountered in the Luttelgeest-01 well can be explained by assuming convective heat transport in the carbonate platform near Luttelgeest (Lipsey et al., 2016). This convection can be approximated by applying a so called pseudo-convective method, for which the convective layer is marked by a higher-than-natural thermal conductivity.