In ThermoGIS v2.0 the geothermal potential was calculated for 29 individual aquifers, 5 stacked layers which consist of multiple aquifers, and an overview layer that integrates all aquifers (see table below). More geological information and layer descriptions can be found in the Deep Nomenclature of DINOloket.

Formation / Member code Formation / Member Stacked layers
NMVFS Someren Member Middle & Lower North Sea groups
NMVFV Voort Member
NMRFT Steensel Member
NMRFV Vessem Member
NLFFS Brussel Sand Member
NLFFD Basal Dongen Sand Member
NLLFR Reusel Member
NLLFS Heers Member
KNGLG & KNGLS Holland Greensand & Spijkenisse Greensand members Rijnland Group
KNNSG Gildehaus Sandstone Member
KNNSL De Lier Member
KNNSY IJsselmonde Zandsteen Laagpakket
KNNSB Berkel Sandstone Member
KNNSR Rijswijk Member
KNNSF & KNNSP Friesland & Bentheim Sandstone members
SLDN (SLDNA & SLDND) Alblasserdam & Delft Sandstone members  
RNROF Röt Fringe Sandstone Member Upper- & Lower Germanic Trias groups
RNSOB Basal Solling Sandstone Member
RBMH Hardegsen Formation
RBMDU Upper Detfurth Sandstone Member
RBMDL Lower Detfurth Sandstone Member
RBMVU Upper Volpriehausen Sandstone Member
RBMVL Lower Volpriehausen Sandstone Member
RBSHN Nederweert Sandstone Member
ROSL & ROSLU Slochteren Formation & Upper Slochteren Member Upper Rotliegend Group
ROSLL Lower Slochteren Member
DCH (DCHS & DCHL) Hunze Subgroup  (Strijen & De Lutte formations) Limburg Group
DCD (DCDH & DCDT) Dinkel Subgroup (Hellevoetsluis & Tubbergen formations)
CLZL Zeeland Formation Carboniferous Limestone Group