ThermoGIS v2.0, October 2018

In the v2.0 release of October 2018, many changes have occurred, most importantly:

  • Improvement of the distribution, depth and thickness of the aquifers, partly because the model has been updated with new seismic interpretations and wells.
  • Additional aquifers have been added to the model.
  • 'White spots' maps per aquifer, which denote the reliability of the maps, based on data availability.
  • Improvement of the modeling of the aquifer properties.
  • Improvement of the temperature model.
  • Adjustment of the model parameters of the calculation model to current circumstances, among others the well dimensions and the economic model.
  • Calculation of alternative scenarios: well stimulation and the addition of a heat pump.
  • Integration of the web "basic" and stand-alone "expert" versions in a new Map viewer.