Doublet parameters

The two tables below list the technical and economic parameters that are used in the calculations. The Calculation model section provides a more detailed explanation of these parameters and also of the depth-dependent and optimized parameters.

Table 1: Technical parameters

Technical parameters Value Unit
aquifer top depth from map m
aquifer thickness from map m
aquifer thickness uncertainty (SD) from map m
aquifer net-to-gross from map -
aquifer permeability from map mDarcy
uncertainty in natural logarithm permeability from map ln(mDarcy)
aquifer temperature from 3D model °C
aquifer water salinity depth dependent ppm
aquifer kh/kv ratio 1 -
return temperature 30 °C
minimum aquifer temperature 20 °C
distance between the two wells optimized m
pump system efficiency 0.6 -
production pump depth 500 m
pump pressure difference optimized bar
wekk trajectory curvature factor 1.1 -
calculation segment length 50 m
outer diameter (open production interval) 8.5 inch
inner diameter (casing) 8.5 inch
casing roughness 1.38 milli-inch
injector well skin -1 -
production well skin -1 -

Table 2: Economic parameters

Economic parameters Value Unit
economic lifetime 15 year
drilling time 2 year
annual load hours 6000 hour
well costs depth dependent M€
CAPEX base expense (excl. wells) 3 M€
CAPEX variable expenses (excl. wells) 300 €/kW
CAPEX contingency 15 %
annual OPEX per unit power 60 €/kW
annual OPEX per unit energy produced 0.19 €ct/kWh
electricity purchase price for operations 8 €ct/kWh
tax rate 25 %
interest on loan 5 %
inflation 2 %
required return on equity 7 %
debt ratio 80 %