ThermoGIS maps

The following maps can be viewed in the Map viewer:

Map Unit Description
Top depth m depth of the top of the aquifer
Thickness P m gross thickness of the aquifer
Permeability P mD permeability of the net aquifer
Net-to-gross - net-to-gross ratio of the aquifer
Transmissivity P Dm product of thickness, net-to-gross and permeability
Temperature °C temperature at mid aquifer depth
Flow rate P,S m³/hr production and injection flow rate
Power P,S,H MWth geothermal power of the doublet
Heat in place GJ/m² initial heat content of the aquifer
Potential recoverable heat GJ/m² heat that could theoretically be extracted without technical or economic constraints
Technical potential S,H - technical potential based on subsurface conditions and doublet parameters
Economic potential S,H - potential constraint by technical and economic limitations
'White spots' - transparency overlay indicating data availability

P: p90-p50-p10 maps
S: Alternative well stimulation map
H: Alternative heat pump map